New Original Art Painting Lexicon Tree of Life

I've been painting more trees from my popular "Lexicon Tree" mixed media series.

This painting, called "The Gathering Place" is a winter version or---- possibly early spring before the leaves turn green. You choose.

It was inspired by the persimmon tree that grows right outside our back door. Every year in early autumn, when all the leaves are gone, birds of all shapes and sizes flock to the tree to eat juicy ripe persimmons still clinging to bare branches. The birds on this tree are satisfied and happy from eating persimmons until there aren't any left.



The Gathering Place

16X20 Mixed Media on Canvas

by Blenda Tyvoll


Detail Showing 3 of the Birds

Available for Purchase in the Blenda Studio Shop

Update SOLD 2-22-2013 to a collector in CA USA