New Work From the Tree Series


"Three Trees in Early Spring"
24X24X3/4" Acrylic on Canvas
Little blue birds are playing in the tree branches eager for spring to arrive. This painting was created on 3 8X24" gallery wrapped canvases. You can see the gold metallic painting shining through in parts of the painting. It is available for purchase at the Studio Shop
Update: 6-17-10 Sold to a collector in Danbury CT


Remember the Junco family from last year? They are back again this spring for the third year in a row. The new nest is up in the eaves of our front porch. It's so funny how the parents get very upset if you walk out the door and they happen to be feeding the babies. Wonder why of all the places they could choose they love building their nest each year so close to where people are are coming and going all day long? They are so cute and happy flying back and forth for most of the day their beaks stuffed with baby food.