Springtime at Victorhill Farm


Foxgloves growing wild in our front yard
The studio tour this past weekend was loads of fun. Met so many happy smiling people, in part I'm sure it was thanks to the very lovely weather we had. It was one of those great to be alive weekends. The sun was out and the sky was as blue as it could be. The reason we were all so giddy over this sleeveless shirt weekend was because here in the Pacific northwest we have been experiencing record rainfall for this time of year with over a month of rain clouds, gloomy gray skies and the sun nowhere to be found.



 A shy deer at the edge of the meadow down by our woods

I was so busy chatting with guests that I totally forgot to pull out the camera for pics. My mom was here snapping pics so will ask her to share what she has. In the meantime, my friend, Carole who is so great at taking pictures was over this weekend too. I wanted to share some of the beautiful shots she took from around our place, Victorhill Farm.

Sweet scented flowers in my garden

One of our guests wrote a nice little review of some of the studios (including mine) that she visited this last weekend in her blog, Dandelions and Daisies.

Our beautiful Mt Hood view from my studio

"Birds in Trees" Original Painting - Sold 6/17/2010