Storytelling With Photography

This Saturday I was on schedule to do a co presentation with Ruth Armitage at the Watercolor Society of Oregon Spring Convention being held here in Portland this weekend. Due to a death in our family I will be unable to attend.

Our topic is titled Using Your Images Online. This is a little bonus follow up blog post giving you the links to 5 creative bloggers who use photography to tell their story.

Blogs with photos that tell a story

Blogs with photos that tell a story

Sandra Juto crochets wrist worms and also creates cute illustrations that she sells as prints. She is originally from Sweden now living in Berlin. Her favorite pastime is walking around Berlin snapping awesome photos of this unique city.

Amy Merrick is a florist who lived in NYC but has now moved to LA  to be with her furniture designer boyfriend.

Deocor8 Blog is by Holly Becker, an American interior designer who married a German. In addition to her interior design posts, Holly often tells her story through photos of her life as an expatriate.

Kelly Rae Roberts tells her story of her career as an artist, teacher and home life living in Portland.

A Beautiful Mess A fun blog with DIY projects, recipes, decor and more. Check out their easy photography tips section.

This is just a short list, but hopefully it's enough to get you inspired to use images to tell your unique story. There are so many wonderful websites and blogs around the net. Please share your favorites in the comments below. 

Have a very wonderful weekend <3 

OMG! Magic! Flowers

OMG! Magic! Flowers