WSO Spring Show Entry


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to take part in a week long painting workshop with nationally known award winning artist Donna Zagotta . She also selected the paintings that are hanging in the WSO Spring Show. There were over 350 entries and lucky me, my abstract was selected as one of 80 paintings chosen for the exhibition!
During the workshop Donna shared her unique style of painting and told us about her favorite artists from the past such as Vollard, Richard Diebenkorn, Will Barnett, Fairfield Porter and how they have infleuenced her art. Donna's advice to us was if you need answers to how to paint your next painting and you're searching for a new way to express yourself, look to art history. The other memorable bit of information that stayed with me was, "Do you love it? (referring to your painting) Keep working it until you love it."
Hanging out with Donna for five days was a week well spent. She was supportive, encouraging and eager to share her experiences and techniques. The show is on display through April 27th at the Columbia Art Gallery



"Agarian" 22X30" Watermedia