Evelyn Roses - 16X20

Evelyn Roses - 16X20


You will love the way this painting will look hanging in your favorite room next to a dresser with family photos on top. Or maybe it needs it's own space in your guest bathroom for all to enjoy.  Imagine the possibilities.

This piece has vintage 1940s wallpaper collaged into the background. On the left side is a piece of a old dress pattern and next to that is a flower cutoutmade from an old map, then collaged to the side of the polka dot vase. Includes natural wood frame.

  • “Evelyn Roses”

  • Framed Mixed Media/Collage/Stretched Canvas

  • 16X20X1"

  • by Blenda Tyvoll

Anyone who has ever planted a flower garden and waited impatiently for plants to turn into blooms understands that part of the production process is battling nature from devouring your garden. There are slugs, moles, rabbits and deer all competing for the fresh new growth emerging from the ground. Yes, a flower garden can be chaotic at times but if everything goes well you will reap the rewards of a beautiful vase of fresh cut flowers for your table.   

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