Open Studio Tour

This is the weekend of our Open Studios of Beavercreek Tour and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Ok, well maybe it would be nice if it were 20 degrees warmer, but the sky is blue, sun is shining and the trees have all turned to golden yellow, orange and red.
Krista, aka KristaCary, is standing with me and that's my Zippy at my feet.
Krista is a very talented clothing designer and artist who shares space with me during the tour. Her speciality is whimsical greeting cards and are very popular.
Over the last two days we've enjoyed meeting new and old friends. There is one more day left so if you can come by to say hi. I've got my original paintings, prints and cards available for your viewing pleasure and purchase.
P.S. You can also check out the new and improved remodeled shop, too.