Making Fresh Holiday Wreaths

Entrance to Gift Shop & Wreath Room
Back before I sold my paintings and I was still in school studying towards an art degree, I started making wreaths as a way to help pay for my education. Many years later I'm still making wreaths. In fact haven't missed a single year since 1989. Now it's a tradition that's just part of our family life. I take a break from painting for a few weeks to fill wreath orders for my wonderful regular clients and friends. The best part for me, is seeing the smiles on their faces as they pick out their favorite wreath.
For the first time this year I've decided to offer wreaths to my online friends and clients as well. Since this is a small family business, produced in the USA, only a limited amount are made every year, so put your order in early. The best time to ship is between November 18th and December 12th. Place your order at the Blenda Studio Shop.

My Hunky Joe Gathers Boughs in the Forest

Ok, just had to add this picture for cuteness! :-)