Oil Painting Landscape

20x16x3/4" Oil on Canvas
Wow, what can I say about this painting? I think it speaks for itself. Painting in oil really is fun! It's like painting with butter. I like the way the paint slides off the brush. There is a whole lot of texture in the leaves, the foreground and background. It's listed right now so it could be yours. The paint is still wet. Am hoping it will be dry in time to ship next week to whom ever the lucky winner is.
Update: 09/01/08 Purchased by a collector from Plainsboro, New Jersey who wrote to me saying, "I am very happy to win your "Landscape". I think your colors are magical!! Where did you see this? What was the story behind that picture? Love your expression! Thank you"
That's a good question. This landscape came out of my imagination. We live in the country in Oregon's Willamette Valley and are surrounded by farmland. That's where I get my inspiration. Have to admit I'm a little dangerous when driving a country road, can't keep my eyes off the beauty of freshly plowed fields or neat and tidy patchwork hills of row crops. The sight of a giant old barn causes me to pull over long enough to admire it's grandeur.