All Life is an Experiment.......Oh ya!

"All Life is an Experiment"
16x20x3/4" Acrylic on Canvas
Had this big idea to do a collage on a grid of squares. Don't really know why, just thought it might be an intriguing composition.
Now that I stop to think about it, my inspiration came from an old 1940s wallpaper sample book that my mom had saved all these years from her childhood. My grandfather brought it home from his place of work at the local lumberyard store. (What we now call Home Depot. LOL) Anyways, Mom used it as a photo album up until last year when she removed all the photos to put them into a proper album and gave me me the old sample book. I love leafing through it and picking out my favorites, but someday soon I'm going to use those sample pieces to create a few old wallpaper collages based on this series that I just finished, one of which is shown above.
The quote is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and painting is available in my Etsy Shop.