Free Art Friday

Free Art Friday is an art movement that is quickly catching on all over the world. Artists in Ireland held their own Friday event just last week. According to their blog, Free Art Friday Ireland, the day put smiles on many faces. January can be gloomy and with the economy at a low point, FAF was the perfect mood booster both for generous artists and art finders.
Basic rules for FAF, artists donate a small work of art, then early on Friday morning little works of art are placed in various locations for passersby to discover and pick up to make them their own. Appreciative collectors are encouraged to email the artist to let them know where and when they found their new works of art.
There is even a Flickr Group dedicated to FAFs.
Hummm, I may have to run this idea past our local artist group. Januarys in Portland can be oh so gloomy, especially during weeks upon weeks of constant rain! What a nice winter pick me up idea!