Warning Xylitol and Dogs Don't Mix

Last night we celebrated Hunky Joe's birthday by going out to eat at our favorite restaurant. It's one those small family owned places that you have to get there early to sign a waiting list, then stand in line under a heater outside. At the last minute before leaving the house I decided to leave my purse at home (on the floor) so I didn't have to bother with it while waiting in line at the restaurant.
When we got home, there was my purse with it's contents spilled out around it and an empty pack of Trident gum. At first I was just annoyed that Zippy finished off my favorite flavored gum while we were out. Then I thought I better check online to see whether gum in large doses, 10 pieces, might harm him. Googling dogs and chewing gum, there were numerous listings warning about the dangers of dogs eating chewing gum, (Trident,) breathe mints or toothpaste with Xylitol.
We ended up taking Zippy to the emergency to get treated for Xylitol poisoning! It's toxic to dogs because the sweetener causes their blood sugar levels to drop rapidly enough to cause them to go into seizures, and even die from eating it. Xylitol can also cause permenant liver damage in dogs. It's no joke!
I had no clue! Some how I must have missed the memo. There are no doubt other dog owners, like me, that aren't aware, so I'm sending out this warning. From now on next time I want a stick of gum I'll be buying sugar sweetened Big Red, just encase Zippy decides to help himself to a piece!

Thanks to a quick trip to the vet, Zippy is doing fine now.