Spring is in the Air!

I nabbed a treasury on Etsy this morning. It was totally unexpected. Treasuries, curated by Etsy members, are a very popular form of exposure for your Etsy listings, and just happen to be difficult to get. You have to wait for days sometimes until the list of over 550 expires down to 332. If you happen to be on the treasury section when it hits 332, you can nab one just like I did this morning. It was really fun to search through the other sellers to pick my favorites. (It's considered very bad taste to post one of your own listings, in fact I think it is against the rules.) I wanted to keep my choices whimsical and lively, like a breathe of fresh air. Please stop by, check out the artists' work and let me know how you like my curating by leaving a comment. Click here: Spring is in the Air!
BTW, can you believe it? Spring is only a few weeks away! Can't wait!