For Your Eyes Only


"For Your Eyes Only"
16x12" Mixed Media/Canvas
It's taken me awhile to get up the nerve to post this piece. The thing is I really like the way it turned out. Maybe not everyone would agree. Worked on it off and on over about a 6 month period. My goal was to make every addition and every brush stroke completely intuitive and just for fun. That's not an easy thing to do. Thinking back on my own experiences as an artist, it's amazing how much of what a person creates is based on outside influences and what will people think.
The beginning process started with collaging various types of papers to the canvas. Paper added pattern to the piece, while other types were used because of their texture. In the upper right you will see a small print of one of my pear paintings embedded into the canvas under layers of glaze and paint. I continued to work on the painting off and on over the months, adding glazes, more paint and lines, until the day came when it just felt finished to me and I really like what I saw. At least for now. . . .