Back to the Routine

Always best do arranging in your barefeet!

Had the time of my life this last weekend thanks to you, all my lovely visitors who stopped by during the Open Studio Tour! I enjoyed everyone one you! If you weren't able to make it to this one, mark your calender for the October tour.
One special couple came by on early Friday to bring Zippy some of his favorite doggy treats and a cute little flag bandanna that he wore proudly for the whole three days. (Will post a pic later to show you how cute he looks wearing it.)

Wish your monitor had smell-o-vision.
These peonies were to die for gorgeous, from mom's garden.

Took Tuesday off to go to PDX (the big city for me) for lunch with my good friend, Carole. Then we dropped by the Portland Art Museum to take in the MC Escher exhibit. This guy was a master at creating and drawing architectural optical illusions. We marveled at his etchings and prints of interlocking patterned designs of birds and angels and demons. And of course we couldn't resist stopping in at Art Media to stock up and see what's new in the way of art supplies. A nice little mini holiday, now back to the routine of everyday life.