An Etsy Treasury - Angels With Fur

"Angels with Fur"
Our forever faithful friends and companions, dogs.

This morning while having my first cup of coffee and reading morning emails, I was lucky enough to snag a treasured Treasury, owing it all to this little gadget on Craftopolis called the Treasury Clock.
Hurry, to check out the Treasury, it expires in two days. If you ever get the chance to put to curate one, you will know what fun it is, finding just the right piece to fit your theme. Can't help but marvel at all the unique, creative, talented people there are out there.
P.S. Right in the middle of writing this post, my little angel with fur, Zippy ran out the front door as fast as his legs could go me yelling, "Zippy come back!" at the top of my lungs. Down he disappeared into the field after a gray squirrel not returning home until I ran down to get him. Grrrr.... Just when I thought he couldn't be any more precious he goes to prove he's just a regular dog! That's my Zippy!