A Handful of Charity Auctions for Haiti

Friday was the day I had been dreading for weeks and now it was over. Spent the rest of the day laying on the sofa deep in my favorite down comforter not wanting the local anesthetic to finally wear off and the pain in my mouth to begin from dental surgery. I was feeling so sorry for myself, like a big chicken.
Wow, big deal when you think about the real pain and suffering that is going on in other parts of the world right at this moment. Really! I deserve no sympathy what so ever.
Been thinking for a while about how to do my part for the earthquake victims of Haiti. While I was stewing in my own pain, it dawned on me a way that I could help is to donate art prints, auction style starting at a $1. Then let the buyers decide on the amount they wish to give.
During the next week I'll be running a total of 5 separate print auctions for you to bid on. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to a charity that is directly involved in helping the Haitian people in this time of crisis. The two charities chosen are Doctors Without Borders and The American Red Cross.
Please take the time to stop by the charity auctions choose your print then place your bid. Together let's see how much we can raise for a very worthy cause.
Update: 1/25/10 - 3 auctions have already ended with the total so far of a $47 donation!
Thank you so much for your support! Hurry you still have a chance to make a contribution by bidding on this print.

One of the prints up for Haiti Charity Auction