New Fresh Abstract Art

"All Life is an Experiment #3"
22x26" Watermedia/Paper
This is the latest piece from the studio. Each time I start a painting my goal is the same, which is to create a piece that is unique and original. At times it is not an easy accomplishment due to influences from creative interesting art and design that is all around us each and every day. I am a product of my times so to not let some of my work reflect daily life would not be true to who I am. My ultimate goal is to entertain you the viewer in some inspiring way.
Below is this very same painting at an early stage, which can be a difficult stage because it's often the time when I want to just walk away and leave the piece in pile unfinished and unseen. It takes real courage to continue painting on until it feels right. Often the only way to get to that point is having to make decisions to paint over beautiful areas in order to make the painting come together as a whole. If all goes well, it's worth the struggle and in the end just maybe wind up with a piece that you really, really love.

Work in progress.
Update: Hoorah! Good news concerning our recent charity print auctions! Thanks to you my lovely collectors we've raised a total of $95.60 for organizations working heroically to help save the Haitian earthquake people. Thank you so much for your kind generosity in making our efforts a success! The two charities we contributed to were Doctors Without Borders and The American Red Cross. If you would like to help, your donations are needed now more than ever. Visit their websites to see how you can donate directly.