Open Studio Tour Wrap Up

Friday morning early before the studio tour began, as Joe was walking out the door for work, he called to me over his shoulder, "Reyo is out!" I went dashing out the door after him to find Reyo, the horse, munching happily away at the freshly decorated cornstalk arrangements adorning both sides of the gift shop door.

This is what is left of the harvest arrangement. Reyo ate the ones on the other side of the front doorway. No one even missed them and Reyo got a fine little snack besides.

The man that I love doing a little last minute lighting adjustment.

Ready for the weekend now that the art is all hung and am feelin stylish! I work at home in the painting studio most days so there is no need to wear anything other than old worn out jeans and a T shirt. It's easy to get into the habit of never changing out of comfy sloppy clothes. An open studio event is the perfect time to practice shining up a bit!

Zippy can't wait for the first customer to walk through the door! He is winding up his tail in anticipation of plenty of good back rubs.

It was so much fun all weekend long greeting new visitors and dear friends during the Open Studio! YOU are that special ingredient that made the whole weekend a success! Thank you!

For tomorrow's post I want to show you how beautiful the flowers were for the Opening. They were fresh from Mom's garden. She even arranged them so beautifully into fresh bouquets of perfection just special for the weekend.