Mommie and Her Flowers

I receive so many wonderful compliments on the beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers decorating my Open Studio Events.

My plan was to show you the arrangements and how they looked during the event but by the time I was able to photograph them this week they were looking a little droopy so instead you  can see where the flowers come from and enjoy a few fresh flower close up shots.

Open Studio Bouquet from Mom's Garden

This is the one shot I have of a bouquet arranged by my mom, for the Open Studio Show, in an old antique tin wedding basket which has been around forever and is still dearly loved.

Meet the lady behind the flowers, my mommie, Marian. She is the most happiest when she can be in her garden surrounded by beds of brightly colored flowers. Did I tell you she's an angel? Mom has spent her whole life doing kind things for others. She is my biggest fan and has bolstered my confidence so many times in the past by saying, "Yes, you can do it" whenever I would share my latest dream.

Mom's flower garden

Just look at this great big sunshiny dahlia and it's fresh natural elegance from an up close view.

Mom's flower garden


From Mom's flower garden

More very lovely delicate stems from mom's garden.

Tomorrow, I want to tell you all the details about an upcoming artists' reception at my alma mater, Marylhurst University.