A Valentine Craft Project

A quick, easy and fun way to dress up a window for Valentine's Day is to decorate with a cluster of sunny Crayon Hearts hung from wire. This idea is from Martha Stewart's gifts and crafts section.
My little hearts are all cut out and hanging in the window waiting to catch the next sunny rays. Unfortunately waiting for the sun to shine can take forever if you live where I live in the Pacific Northwest. When it does shine though these little gems will be there to help brighten the day.

To make Crayon Hearts all you need are pink and red crayons, a pencil sharpener, scissors, wax paper, ribbon or curly wire, and a hot iron. I cut my hearts out first, but Martha's directions tell you to melt the wax between full sheets of wax paper first then cut the hearts. With the pencil sharpener, make crayon shavings on one piece of the wax paper. Then add the top layer of wax paper.
Place kraft paper between the iron and wax paper. Pass the iron over until crayons have melted.

The cool thing about not following directions is I ended up with melted heart shapes on the kraft paper. These melty hearts could look quite handsome glued onto cardstock for your special valentine.
Here's the whole suncatcher hearts group on display. For added whimsy use twisty wire instead of string or ribbon.
What sort of Valentines will you be creating this season? Share your ideas...