Afternoon at the Museum

One day my artist friend, Ruth and I were both in need of a little inspiration from art history, so we spent the afternoon at the Portland Art Museum viewing an exhibition of 45 works by Mark Rothko, who just happens to be one of America's leading artists of the 20th century.

Then in a room right next to the Rothko paintings was an exhibit by sculptor John Frame. "Art, music, poetry, and film come together in John Frame’s ambitious project The Tale of the Crippled Boy.“ is how the museum describes his work. The display includes a short film along with many of Frame's sculptures used to create the film. The characters and backdrops are recreations from the artist's dream world. Frame has produced a whole make believe world of odd creatures and characters carved from wood and found objects. It's pretty amazing!

Two portraits by Milton Avery and a sweet little painting by C.S. Price titled the "Willow Tree" These three paintings are part of the permanent PAM collection.

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