Organizing the Studio

Last week I took time to reorganize the storage closet in my studio...again. Does this ever happen to you too? Whenever I finish straightening it all up I step back to admire my work and think, "From now on it's going to stay clean and tidy." Then little by little it all falls apart, things get a little out of hand and it's time to sort it all out so that everything has a proper place once again.

organizing studio before

When flipping through magazines I'm immediately attracted to any article that has to do with before and after photos. So here is my version of before and after.  The above is somewhat how it this stage though I had already started clearing out the shelves.

after organizing studioYou can see in the above photo the boxy wire shelf unit was replaced with two shelves stacked on top of the low built in shelf. Now there is room for small picture frames stacked neatly on shelves while shipping boxes are tucked in by the wall. Decorative sturdy cardboard storage boxes from Ikea hold and hide art supplies. The best part--I used what was available without having to purchase addition containers. The end results are not too bad, a least for an artist's storage room. This time for sure, well maybe, it's going to stay this way!

If you are planning to rearrange your workspace but need a little inspiration before you get started, here is a wonderful blog post from Decor8 Blog, Holly Becker, Workspaces That Inspire Me.

Next on the list for the studio is to freshen up and rearrange the gift shop for the upcoming Open Studio Tour on the weekend of June 15-17. Hope to see you then...
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