Chickadee Tree Painting


Acrylic/Collage on Canvas   24X30X1.5"
Two little chickadee birds sit amongst the branches. Look closely at this painting and pieces of collaged road maps can be seen peeking through the textured paint layers in certain parts of the canvas.
Circle shapes really appeal to me in many ways. Above all drawing circles and making polka dot patterns makes totally me happy. It's like making things whole. The beginning and the end. This painting is an expression of happiness. I hope you, the viewer, can feel the same joy, too.
Detail shows one of the chickadees with the road map peeking out behind him. "Chickadee Tree" painted on stretched canvas is now available for purchase at the Studio Shop.


Update 5/17/10 Chickadee Tree Painting has Sold to a collector from Portland,Oregon.