Brookings WSO Show


22X26" Watermedia on Paper
Just had to show you what happened at the Brookings Watercolor Society of Oregon Spring Show this last weekend. My painting was awarded the 3rd place ribbon! The judge of the show was internationally renowned artist Stephen Quiller. He has written numerous books for artists about color theory and how to apply harmonious color to a painting. He says he spends 95% of his time living in the mountain town of Creede, Colorado where he paints landscapes inspired by big views of mountain peaks and grassy meadows. The remaining 5% he's off teaching workshops and judging shows in various parts of the country.
I'll tell you what a big deal this is and why I feel so honored. There were about 380 entries and when I think about the odds of being chosen I'm mind boggled! Not only that you should see this show. WSO has the most talented dedicated artists around. I'm so proud to be even a small part of it! 
The little coastal town of Brookings, where this convention was held, is a must see place to visit. Will share more photos later to show you just how gorgeous it truly is.  The ocean views are breathtakingly beautiful.
Other than that on the home front, I took this week off from painting and have been doing some much needed home improvement things like painting the upstairs wood plank floors a dark chocolaty brown. Sort of the same color as my sweater in the photo. Will see if I can get a good photo of the floor when finished so you can have some idea how it turned out. 
The sun has been shining here for the last few days. That means spending time out in the fresh outdoors doing yard work, pulling weeds and spreading mulch, while Hunky Joe has been replanting the front lawn.  Sooooo good to be alive!
Hope you are enjoying your spring and having a chance to be out and about to take in the beauty of it all, the buds bursting and birds chirping.
Update: 8-21-10 WSO Painting Sold to a Collector in Oregon