Handmade Holiday Ornaments

A Folding Star Ornament

Right before Thanksgiving Erica and I spent a whole day making ornaments for both gift giving and to decorate our tree. Our favorite one to make is a folding star ornament featured in this year's Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts Magazine. It was interesting, slightly challenging and fun to make.

My copy of CPS Gifts 2010 Magazine open to the folding star page.


We hung all our finished stars on a string to admire. You can really get creative with these. I added glitter to the edges of the star shape. Seems like every time you finish one, you just can't help but make one more so you can add a different twist to it. These little ornaments are addicting. You can see how there is a  perfect star shape, see the one on the end, when viewed from just the right angle.


On the left the star is folded into a little book. The ornament cover is actually made from an old worn out book cover.

A Felted Wreath Ornament

I first spotted this ornament on the Cinderella Patch blog where there is a how to link for crafting a felted wreath ornament. Can't wait to make one for my tree! Can you imagine all the pretty sweater colors you could find garage and thirft store shopping?

Mini Felted Wool Wreath

Bella Dia (the original source) explains on her blog how to make this cheery bright wreath from felted wool.