Tis the Season

The U cut tree season is here and Joe and I are keeping busy doing things that have to do with trees and wreaths while trying our best to stay warm and dry. It's been rather stormy outside, not the best outdoor weather, so I've been staying close to my heater filling wreath and print orders. Things are looking up though because yesterday the sun was out all day.

First thing every morning with coffee in hand, I go out the studio to package up the most recent print orders then head to the Christmas gift shop to work on decorating wreaths and waiting on U cut tree costumers. Joe handles the outside and Erica and I do the gift shop. After a family selects and cuts their tree Joe puts it on the tree shaker to shake out loose needles and any stray bugs. Then if it isn't too fat he nets the tree for ease in hauling.

Joe Gives a Tree the 'Little Shakee' TreatmentIn the gift shop I make sure all the wreaths are looking fine, each with a bright pretty bow on it. In addition to wreaths we carry a  unique selection of ornaments and gifts. Some are handmade by Erica and me. All year long I shop for unique items, some new, some vintage, and some items are gently used but too cool to discard. This combination of new and used gives the shop it's own personal style that I hope you appreciate and enjoy when you come to visit.

Santa's Little Helpers in the Gift Shop

Picking Out an Ornament

Gift Shop Display with WreathShelf Edging Made From Old Book PagesIt's a happy time of year at Victorhill Farm. People are in good spirits and ready for an adventure. We try our best to put a smile on their faces. We love our guests! You all bring Joe and I so much joy and happiness!

P.S. If you would like to see more photos of our farm during the Christmas season, click here.

More Gift Shop Treasures