Open Studio Weekend

Open Studio weekend is here! Only one day left, so if you live in the Portland Oregon vicinity, it's your last opportunity to stop by and see what we're up to...this Sunday from 10 to 4.

We wanted the studio to look extra special, so Erica gathered big fresh bouquets of the prettiest flowers from Mom's garden. She is cracking up because Mom was hiding from the camera.

 An inside shot of the studio all ready for show time.

 A display of old frames and poppies featuring my artwork.

Can't help myself, I just had to show you one more beautiful flower bouquet. These pink poppies are unreal!

Decorating with Fresh Flowers

Erica, putting the finishing touches to a display. And no it's not your vision playing tricks, these two photos are blurry.  Couldn't resist showing them to you because they really seem to capture the moment perfectly.

Zippy takes his job very seriously and is patiently waiting for visitors to come over to the counter in hopes of a pat or two.

A very special thank you so much to all the lovely visitors who have stopped by. I truly appreciate your appreciation of what I do. xoblenda