Patterned Sky Painting


"Patterned Sky" 24X20" Mixed Media on Canvas - Sold to a Portland collectorI painted this piece titled Patterned Sky earlier in the summer when I had blue skies and puffy white clouds on my mind. After it was finished it spent a few months in a gallery on exhibit and has since sold to a new owner. But I realized you haven't really seen it properly and now is as good as any to make a post about it.

There are a few details about the painting that make me happy. For no particular reason one thing is the circle shape in the lower right corner. I have a fondness for circle shapes. They make smile. That's all.

And then there is the patterned clouds in a blue sky all lined up in rows. When I was painting them I couldn't stop thinking about being a little kid again laying on the soft summer grass, looking up at the sky, searching for soft fuzzy animal shapes and cool interesting cloud patterns as they floated by.

Detail of the Dictionary Definition of TreeAnd then the third detail that makes me happy is the little surprise of words collaged onto the left lower edge. They are words from an old vintage dictionary defining a tree, an interesting read.

Studio View of PaintingWere you able to take a few moments time this past summer to lay on your back to look at the clouds and wonder? Life passes by so quickly....