Studio Gets a New Face

Wait until you see the new studio entry! It's all finished now, but this is how it looked before we began...sort of ordinary and plain. The entry had no protection from wet weather. During the rainy season big puddles of water would collect right outside the door.

Before New Entry

So Joe gathered his tools, made a trip to Home Depot for lumber and began sawing and hammering. I played the part of the go for girl and handed him nails and tools etc.

Building New Entry

When Joe gets going on a project he doesn't quit until it's finished. That's one of the reasons I think he is pretty cool.

Building the Studio Entryway

After the posts were set on went the roof rafters.

My handy husband Joe

My handy husband, contemplating his next move as the sun goes down.

New Studio Entryway

TaDa! The big reveal, all bright and shiny. We even have a stone (faux) patio too! I'll show you next time how we built it.

Since it's always nice to have an excuse to celebrate an accomplishment, we are holding an open studio this Labor Day weekend, Sat Sun 10-4PM. Stop by if you are in the area for  cookies and coffee. We'll have bouquets of fresh flowers from the garden and of course artwork and other cute little nick nacks.  If you are too far away but haven't seen my artwork yet stop by my online shop for a peek.