About 2 years ago I started a painting on paper of 3 fanciful trees. The piece wasn't progressing like I wanted so it was abandoned to the stack of unfinisheds. There it sat for many long months until  a couple of weeks ago when I again became inspired to add more paint to it. Then it looked like this:


At this stage the painting was fine but I felt it needed something more. So I brought it to my critique group for a few opinions on how to make it a stronger painting. Here is what the newly updated and finished version looks like:


"Singing From the Treetops"
22x30 Water Media on Paper
Original Available
Two main changes were made. First I fixed the bottom boughs on the 2 trees on the left. Then for a more dramatic feel the background was painted black.
The sky may be dark but it doesn't stop a brave little bluebird from singing his morning song with no worries, eager for the hopes of a new day.
This is available as a print in the Shop.