Views of the Studio


Here is the newest painting from the "Boughs with Leaves" series. Do you see the little chickadees hiding in amongst the leaves? This photo has glare and the lighting isn't right, but you get the overall idea of how the piece looks.
I was working late last night and when I passed the studio it was too intriguing not to peek in the window, so thought you might enjoy seeing it from the outside too:


There is plenty of action going on inside right now. A number of pieces are in process. Often I reach a certain point of completion and then need to disengage from the piece. Let it rest for a while. Sometimes a day, a week, months or even years (but not very often). Here's what happening:
These pear lovelies are finished and waiting for a new home. You can see a few abstract paintings sitting around the edges of the photo.
This is a large Tree of Life, 30X40" painting about half way finished. It still needs a little bird family and more layers of paint. The pear paintings next to it are from my Perfect Pear series. I've painted numerous pears in fact practically nothing but pears for almost a year! It's amazing what you can learn by repeating the same subject and trying to paint it in as many creative and interesting ways that you possibly can.


The above blue birds on a wire art has a background of real vintage wallpaper. The one little bird is trying to figure out which key unlocks his chicky babe's heart.



A close up detail showing the collaged wallpaper. There you have it a mini tour of my studio. I do hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great and fabulous weekend and a Happy Easter Holiday.