Willamette Falls Exhibition

The exhibition is hung and is ready for viewing if you happen to live close to Portland, Oregon. If not you are in luck because here are a few shots of the paintings before they left my studio and then more shots of them on display. The show is up from May 12-August 8, 2011.

Was stilling working on these and finishing up in this photo. Notice in the background essential must have items of an artist's studio, the coffee maker and itunes player.

A few more pieces in the studio ready to go.

All 14 paintings on display at Willamette Falls in Oregon City.

Yesterday my friend, Carole, and I met for coffee, then stopped by for a peek. Humm, wonder what she's thinking in this photo?.....Well, anyway after that we decided to take a leisurely walk to help burn off that blueberry scone we indulged in earlier with our coffee. It wasn't long before we found ourselves at the top of a very steep street, the steepest street in town! It was easy going down because it was straight down but climbing back up was the real challenge!

I took pictures but the camera doesn't capture the steepness of this hill. We were so busy chatting that we didn't even realize what we had accomplished until we were at the top of the hill breathing hard trying to catch our breathe!